Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Baptist Churches,

These four pastors mentioned above are all connected and responsible in some way or other in the 2005 kidnapping of my children from me and evil done to  my wife on the night of our Ninth Wedding Anniversary.  They have conspired together to protect each other so they can continue their path of crimes and sins against my family and against God.  Their shame is now upon you and they are not worthy for you to bare their shame.  They have brought cursing upon you.  I charge you to send them out and cut them off from among you that their shame may be upon you no more.  Do not stand by the lies and the hypocrisy's of these four cowards.  These men may make all things seem well on the surface, but behind the scenes, cultic and sinful activity is the norm for them, having a history of abusing other peoples children in their offices, victimizing whom they can, and destroying families.
Churches, you are braking Gods laws for allowing such things to continue in your midst.  These four pastors have committed crimes and sins against my family and against God.  Why will you choose to keep them among you?  Why do you take part in their sins?  Because of them being among you, you are cursed.  I pray for your sake and charge you, that you cut them off from you.  Cut them off from you and remove their cursings from you.
I see some of you suffering their fate.  But I also see some of you taking on the glory of God and protecting His sheep.  I pray for you continually.  If you are deceived and intimidated by these four men, I understand.  I have personally experienced the pain and hurt and the tears these four men can cause when crossing paths with them.  If you have been hurt by them, or know some one else that has been hurt by them when crossing paths with them, you can tell me.  You have a friend that understands.  These four pastors have committed civil crimes against my family and others and against God and yet they continue to cower behind your pulpits in the name of your God and continue their sins.
Cast them out from among you that their cursing may be stayed from you.    Take a look around you, to paraphrase W. S. and the KJV would you say, "Well, the Ides of March have come", or would you say,  "Ay, they have come, but they are not gone.",  " ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."
With all due respect and much concern and endless weeping,  Zuriel Daniel Turk